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Rigor and fluidity, androgyny and femininity.

Rigor and fluidity, androgyny and femininity. Pomandére interprets the women's clothing according to its own recognizable and confident style, which stands out for the tailored conception and realization of each garment.

Pure geometries, soft, natural and material hues draw a subtle and eternally contemporary total look, which dresses every day and every moment and lets itself be rediscovered continuously in the wardrobe, with the same pleasure. After a day, after a few months, after years.
Pomandere about
Pomandere about
Pomandére lives on a borderless breath, but has its roots in a consolidated and rich artisan tradition. With creativity and elegant sobriety, Pomandére uses experience, taste and skills cultivated for generations in a family atelier and in a historic district of the Italian fashion. Pomandére focuses on the attention to detail and perfection of workmanship, always of a high sartorial level.
Pomandere about
Pomandére dresses a determined and cultured woman, a traveler, a lover of small pleasures and brief moments lived with intensity, curious and far from clichés, firm in her convictions and aware of her own value and femininity.

Following the same logic, Pomandére creates and renews its own line of fragrances for spaces and the person. Fresh notes of  elegance, daily pleasures to be arranged and breathed in a modern concept of living, satisfying in the details and corners, but vibrant with a refined air, in the spaces and in the linen, with the scent of the environment, the ironing water and the candle.
Pomandere about
Pomandere about

Nature is both inspiration and privileged environment in which our creations move, along with those women who wear them. Landscapes and shapes from all over the Earth are inside and in front of our collections. For this reason, but not only for this, Pomandére loves and respects the environment. And, for a long time, we have been committed to make more sustainable our business and the impact of processes and products. Starting with the choice of materials and workmanship, in harmony with life, beauty and the soul of everything that surrounds and welcomes us.

Carlo Zanuso

Pomandére was founded in 2008 by Carlo Zanuso.
Carlo, who is both a stylist and an entrepreneur, is the creative heart of Pomandére.
"I bring together two souls in the concept of each collection and in the design of each garment. The first is tailoring, which comes from my trainings in the family business. The attention to detail, the obsessive dedication to the creation of the garment, the inspiration that starts from an embroidery, or from the perfect round shape of a button, the attention to the last touch. The other is the cosmopolitan one of the traveler passionate about furniture and design. There I find again the predilection for the essential, the Nordic taste, but also the need for practicality and the fascination for the Mediterranean and oriental colors, aromas and suggestions of tobacco, ocher, warm earth and strong light that softens in the nuances of the sunset and in the twilight ".
Carlo Zanuso

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