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It is possible to check the status of your order online by going to your own profile. Once an order is placed for available items, no changes can be made to that order. Orders placed separately will be shipped separately. For all matters not expressly provided for, please review our terms and conditions.


Pomandère accepts the following payments:
A) Online by means of Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club credit card circuits. The purchase amount will be withheld by the Buyer’s availability fund at the time of purchase and will be subsequently charged according to normal practice to the circuit of the selected credit card.
B) Online by means of the Paypal payment system; the purchase amount will be withheld by the Buyer’s availability fund at the time of purchase and will be charged before order dispatch in accordance with the verifications required by the Paypal system itself.
C) Online through the Google GPay platform or the ApplePay platform.
D) Online through the Klarna platform.

Pomandère disclaims all liability for any fraudulent and illegal use which might be made by third parties of the credit cards and of the other means of payment, at the time of payment of the purchased products, as long as it is able to prove having taken all possible precautions according to the best state of the art and ordinary diligence.
The Buyer shall be entitled to make use of promotional codes issued only by Pomandère by means of newsletter and/or social network and/or available on promotional websites approved by Pomandère. The promotional codes have a time duration limited to the period indicated on each code.
Visit our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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